Splash of Colour

“The depth of spiritual perceptions of life is what abstract is about.” - Raza

I originate from the princely state of Rajasthan in India where bold, bright colours are an integral part of everyday life. Every colour has a specific cultural reference and signifies aspects of corporeal and spiritual importance. The vibrant colour palette of red, orange, yellow and blue exemplifies symbolic and emotional values and expresses not only a way of life but a passionate celebration of the divine.

This connection between vivid colour and spiritual reference is entrenched in my psyche and it is through this amalgamation that I attempt to translate a mix of my culture and heritage onto canvas.

The progressive layering of transparent colour allows me to merge abstract space and depth with a sense of spiritual reality. My works are an exploration of mysterious spaces – celestial and divine, untouched and unvisited – allowing the viewer to look beyond familiar spaces and connect with the spiritual.

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Majesty and Radiance Dreamed Of, 2007
Acrylic on Canvas
1218 mm x 1524 mm